People who tend to drink 3 or more glasses of fizzy drinks daily have 62% more tooth decay, fillings and tooth loss than others.
The first toothbrush with bristles was manufactured in China in 1498. Bristles from hogs, horses and badgers were used. The first commercial toothbrush was made in 1938.
You are supposed to replace your toothbrush after you have an episode of flu, cold or other viral infections. Notorious microbes can implant themselves on the toothbrush bristles leading to re-infection.
You are not supposed to brush within 6 feet of a toilet. The airborne particles from the flush can travel up to a distance of 6 feet.
The commonly used practice of putting a cap on toothbrush is actually more detrimental. The moisture entrapped in the cap favors bacterial growth.
New born babies do not have tooth decay bacteria. Often, the bacteria are transmitted from mother to baby when she kisses the child or blows on hot food/drink before feeding the baby.
People who smile in school yearbooks are more likely to have successful careers and marriages than poker faced peers.
Kids laugh around 400 times a day. Grown-ups just 15!
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